our Praise Team

Our music is contemporary and generally very upbeat. We love to create a joyful worship environment where you can sing freely with songs that honor Jesus Christ and remind us of the love and the life we find in Him. Many of the songs we choose can be heard on Christian radio stations around the country. 

Our praise team has several talented and dedicated musicians who love to lead us together in worship through singing each Sunday. 

Our Praise Team is also known as "A-Toned" when they get out into our communities and share praise music through a number of events scheduled each year to include leading Worship and Praise Music during several Engage events.

Our current Praise Team has the following amazing musicians and AV Support:

Tim Brown (Guitar - Vocals)

Joe Burks (Percussion)

Kyle Affeldt (Percussion)

Josi Hawkins (Vocals)

Scott Miros (Bass Guitar)

Samatha Land (Keyboard)

Darrel Williams (Fiddle - Guitar)

Bob Hawkins (AV Team)

Jason Land (AV Team)

Weston Miros (AV Team)

A Praise Team Original   

(featuring the Original Works of Tim Brown)