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    Josh is currently on military assignment; contact the church office at with worship Ministry questions

    Josh & Alison Bounds love to express their relationship with Christ, through acts of worship and creativity. They first called LFSBC home during the formative years of their relationship and were married while in attendance. Together they have led worship and youth ministries at a local church in Kansas City, MO. The Bounds are very excited to be a part and serve the LFSBC family again while Josh joins the Staff as Worship Ministry Director.

    As high school sweethearts they married in 2014  They have enjoyed the journey of growing up and becoming adults together alongside their dog Maggie and cat, Kit-Cat. Josh enlisted in the Missouri Air Force National Guard in 2014 and continues to serve as a C-130 Crew Chief, while performing the same profession as a federal technician. Alison employs her compassion and desire to help people as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.

    Josh has been a part of music ministry in every church he's been involved in. When he's not playing guitar he loves to fish and hike- or just be outside. Alison likes to help her diverse collection of plant life grow, as well as project her artistic talents onto canvas through a variety of mediums.

    Most importantly though, they have a deep love for Christ. Josh is passionate about worship and loves to facilitate and lead others in lifting their thanks and praise to the Lord. With inspiration and support from Alison, he is grateful for the opportunity to do just that alongside an incredible team of musicians at LFSBC.

Pastor  Advisory  Team

The Pastor Advisory Team (PAT) are dedicated leaders who meet consistently to pray, plan, and refine the vision, mission, and strategy at Lansing First Southern.  Our leaders are available to visit with you to answer questions about following Jesus and getting connected to the events and ministries at our church.  Just click on the team member you'd like to connect with through email!

Pastor Advisory Team Members

David Bounds

Jon Terrill, Property Trustee

Frank Wenzel, Vice President